Three Things to Take

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Here are three things to take while studying English.

First, take notes .

Write down new words and their definitions. You will remember new words much more easily if you've written them in a notebook. Write down ​your questions. How many times have you forgotten to ask a question to meant to ask? You are much more likely to remember to ask questions you've written down. Write grammar rules as you learn them. Writing reinforces learning, so write, write, write!

Next,​ take your time.

Yes, take your time. Think of how long it took you to learn your first language. Of course, you have many advantages now. First, you are not a baby or a five-year old. You already know how to speak, read, and learn new things. Second, your attention is more focused now. Even so, learning language and unlearning "fossilized errors" (things you learned incorrectly years ago and now seem natural and correct to you) do not happen in a matter of weeks. So please be patient with yourself.

Take charge!

Your English is much better than you think it is. ​OK, I haven't even heard you speak, but I know that is true. Many students learn a great deal of English in school but then never use it. Why don't people use English? Many people are afraid of making errors.

Don't be afraid! Your mistakes are your best teacher. Fear of errors stops you from speaking, but speaking more English gives you valuable practice in conversation. This practice will increase your confidence and make English feel more like second nature every day. Trust me, the more you use English, the better your English will be and the more you will want to use English. There's an expression in English: Use it or lose it. So take charge of your fears. Use English, mistakes and all. Learn to enjoy making people laugh. Learn to laugh with them. Take charge! Don't let other people's reactions get you down. As Nike says, "Just do it!" ​

And the one thing not to take? Don't take yourself too seriously!!


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